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Sarah Gibson

After the disappointment of Killing Me Softly, I'm feeling a little bummed out on gangster movies at the moment. So, perhaps it's just the bitter taste in my mouth that has me a little disinterested in the new trailer for 's The Iceman. The visuals look good and the cast looks strong ( just can't say no to a mob movie, can he?), and the real-life premise is appealing. But, it just looks so...familiar.

stars as family man and hitman Richard Kuklinski, who allegedly racked up over 100 kills over a four-decade career. Take a look at him in action, here:

(via Indie Wire)

What do you think about the new trailer? Are you swayed by the strong cast? Do you think this real life story of one of the most brutal men in mob killing is going to set the bar? Sound off with your opinion in the comment section below, and hit the [[follow]] button for all the exciting news from The Iceman.


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