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Kneel before if you like, but it seems that the man who most recently played the legendary villain on the big screen isn't going to appreciate your lurch towards despotic radicalism as you do so. That, at least, is the overriding suggestion of star 's recent comments on the election of tiny-handed social media star to the most powerful office in the land. Shannon, it seems, is not a fan of Trump, or his policies.

What's more, though, as quickly became clear during the course of his recent interview with

Michael Shannon Really, Really Doesn't Like Donald Trump Voters, Either

[Man of Steel/Warner Bros]
[Man of Steel/Warner Bros]

Asked how he personally made sense of Trump's election to high office, despite having openly admitted to sexually assaulting someone, labeled entire cultures terrorists and murderers and, of course, openly speculated that he wouldn't accept the result of the election unless he won, Shannon had this to say:

"Yeah, I’ll tell you how to make sense of it: This country’s filled with ignorant jackasses. The big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic assholes. You can call it the United States of Moronic Fucking Assholes."

To which he soon added, doubling down in the fashion of a gambler with nothing left to lose:

"I don’t know how people got so goddamn stupid. But it’s really weird, because it’s like the last eight years, now it feels like a lie. Like, this has been festering underneath the whole time. Racists, sexists. And a lot of these people, they don’t know why the fuck they’re alive. They know it. They’re doing drugs, fucking killing themselves. Because they’re like, 'Why the fuck am I alive? I can’t get a job, I don’t know anything about anything, I have no curiosity for life or the world.' So this Trump thing is like getting a box of firecrackers, or something. It’s like, 'Well, this will be fun for a little while, this’ll kill some time.' Because, y’know, the jackass will be amusing on television, stay stupid shit. Make everybody clap. Hillary would have been too boring, I suppose. It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. It’s the worst. This guy is going to destroy civilization as we know it, and the earth, and all because of these people who don’t have any idea why they’re alive."

[Freeheld/Summit Entertainment]
[Freeheld/Summit Entertainment]

Which is...actually pretty much the most viscerally anti-Trump thing I've read on the internet — which is really, really saying something. Oddly enough, though, Shannon then went on to note that:

"To a certain extent I agree with Trump. Yeah, NAFTA was fucked up and people need to have jobs. People need to have a way of supporting themselves, they need a way of having self-respect, pride and dignity. You take that away from them, this is what you get."

Which, if the current electoral climate is anything to go by, probably suggests that we'll see Michael Shannon on the Democratic ticket in 2020. After all, a combination of being anti-NAFTA and entirely willing to say horrifying, highly speculative things about vast swathes of the America populace? That's the sort of thing that gets you elected President nowadays.

Still want more on the aftermath of Trump's election victory? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? Does Shannon step over the line with his comments, or is he simply embracing the new post-Trump reality? Let us know below!



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