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Now, 's has received its fair share of criticism over the years, with many fans denouncing it as an early symbol of everything many would soon come to hate about the , and in particular, the movie universe's approach to himself. Fewer fans, however, took issue with the film's Big Bad, , presumably because he was played by , who is very rarely anything less than exceptional at that whole "acting" thing he does for a living.

As it turns out, though, the story of how Shannon came to play Zod — a move that seemingly moved him up a key notch or two in Hollywood casting circles — didn't quite go as you might imagine. Yup, that's right:

Michael Shannon Has Finally Revealed How He Came To Play General Zod In 'Man Of Steel'

'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros]

And, well, it's actually really rather interesting. Y'see, as Shannon recently revealed during an interview with the SAG-AFTRA foundation (which you can watch below), he was initially super confused as to why on Earth he was being offered the part. And by offered, it really does sound as though the part was pretty much his to turn down right from the get go:

"The actual pitch was delivered by Mr. Snyder in his home. He had me flown out to LA to meet with him in Pasadena where he lives. I sat in his living room, he came in, and he told me the entire story of the movie."

That, though, wasn't apparently enough to get Shannon frothing with excitement — since the actor apparently immediately asked:

"This is a huge movie, and this is like the main bad? Couldn’t you like get anyone to do this?"

Snyder, though, seems to have had his heart set on Shannon, who thus agreed to play the part. That, though, wasn't quite the end of that. Before the deal could be finalized, Shannon was asked to do a chemistry test with the film's lead, . Which, from the sounds of Shannon's recollection of the event, may not have been the most bonding of experiences:

"I did eventually have a chemistry test with Henry — that’s his name, right?... We had a chemistry test to make sure you buy us as lovers."

Now, the latter part of that is presumably a joke — albeit one that would be way more interesting if it were true — but it's tough not to imagine Shannon's "that's his name, right?" stinging a little for Cavill. Either that, or Shannon just spent the whole time on set calling him Kal, or something similar, and didn't bother to learn his actual name.

Oh, Zod. Always with the Superman teasing.

What do you think, though? Was Shannon right to take the part — and was Snyder right to offer it to him? Let us know below!


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