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Despite the fact that there's been a lot of hype surrounding Kris Marshall's casting in BBC's long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, many believe that the 13th doctor is still destined for a total transformation overhaul.

For quite some time now, loyal fans of the show have been openly suggesting that the show-runners cast a woman as the Time-Lord, embracing a more diverse direction in the process. And finally, it seems like the BBC gods could be responding to our prayers.

According to the Nerdist, the network has been officially looking at potential actresses for the leading role and they might have already met their perfect match.

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Rumors milling about claim that the wonderful Michaela Coel is being heavily considered for the part — a move that would earn the BBC a huge pat on the back for finally casting a woman and a person of color in the beloved series.

The British actress has already experienced a lot of success in the limelight — you'll recognize her from TV series Chewing Gum on — and would certainly fit in wonderfully with Karen Gillian's challenge to include spectacular talent and on-screen diversity in the TARDIS. Earlier this week, the Doctor Who alumna said:

"Both. Let’s go with both. We need some diversity in the TARDIS. That would be great, and also a female could absolutely play the Doctor. You know, some people question it, and I’m like, you’re crazy. Of course, a female can play that role. There are so many actresses that could do that and I’d love to see that."

So, could Michaela Coel be the surprising new player we've been waiting for? After all, the show has already established that Time Lords and Time Ladies can easily swap and regenerate into different genders.

Seeing as the official casting for Season 11 is yet to take place, I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait and see.

Do you think Michaela Coel could be the perfect Doctor?

'Chewing Gum' [Credit: E4/Netflix]
'Chewing Gum' [Credit: E4/Netflix]

(Source: Nerdist)


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