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Will Wharton

Every now and then you find that the best things in the entire world are things you never even thought existed. Like when you order a Latte at Starbucks and they give you a Frappuccino. You're not happy at first, as it's not what you've come to expect from a delicious beverage, but it only takes a couple of slurps to be totally hooked.

Suddenly a whole new world has been opened to you and you realize this is the thing that has been missing from your life for the last miserable 20-something years! Finally the cosmic balance of the universe makes total sense and you feel more aligned with the ebb and flow of destiny's chaotic river simply because you've found a life preserver that totally works for you.

Well today I found two life-preservers, massive ones:

This is Michelle Keegan, she's from the Englands and makes her trade by appearing in a rather miserable (I mean tonally, not financially) U.K. soap known as Coronation Street. If this is what the Brits are packing across the pond, I may have to cancel my subscription to Univision, which I have for my telenovellas, and start getting some of that mad BBC action.


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