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Since the tragic and untimely passing of Paul Walker, plenty of fans have hoped and prayed that somehow, the franchise would find a way to bring him back for future films — or at least for Fast 8. And while the Fast Family is definitely committed to honoring Walker's memory in the upcoming movie, it won't be through more VFX or CGI. Michelle Rodriguez, the First Lady of the Fast & the Furious responded to those whisperings that Walker might be appearing in Fast 8:

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"That’s a rumor, man. That’s a whole other subject matter, by the way, that is brought up for all actors to consider. Do you want to be Frank Sinatra in an Uber commercial? And every actor in the world when writing out their will should start thinking about these things."

The actress brings up a valid point, since computers were able to generate a VFX version of Walker in order to finish out the remainder of Fast 7. But just because it's possible doesn't mean it's necessarily right, or what the actor would have wanted. Rodriguez continued:

"Thank your lucky stars that Paul has a wonderful daughter who understands his integrity and understands what kind of things he would like and what kind of things he wouldn’t and would respect that because she loves him so much. Not that many actors or people in the industry have that background."

The 37-year-old actress, who has often spoken about the painful hole that Walker's passing left in the Fast Family, finished by commenting on the strangeness of what it's like to live in an era where actors or other celebrities can be artificially brought back from the dead:

"So whoever you hand your home to, whoever you hand your rights to, your will, that’s the world we’re living in now, where you can be brought back anatomically. Then you have to think about the ethics of that and the morals behind it. Would that individual like what you’re doing? That’s something that we’re all thinking about now. It’s a new world with virtual and 3D, and now you can bring Tupac back onstage. I mean, we’re living in a different world."

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