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When she's not driving over the speed limit or punching people in the nose in Fast & Furious 6, is writing. Would she ever consider an end to her acting career in favor of holding the pen?

In an interview with the LA Times, the star talked about three movie projects she's already registered with the Writers Guild of America, concerning secret societies of women since the 1400s, rival tribes dealing with deforestation, and a biochemistry student who quits school to make drugs.

Rodriguez has not yet lined up Furious 7 and is only slated to appear in 's Machete Kills so, with that in mind, is it likely that the star is quitting acting? The actress suggested:

Do you think they'd kill me right after bringing Letty back? I try not to kill my chickens until they're hatched.

Well, after her comments that ladies should just start writing their own roles, it makes sense that Rodriguez would retire to writing. But at least there's some heavy hinting at the prospect of a kick-ass Letty returning to Fast 7.

Do you think Rodriguez should quit acting?


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