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The battle for equal rights and representation for women in the entertainment industry is an ongoing struggle. Joining the efforts, Michelle Rodriguez –– who portrays Letty in the Fast & Furious franchise –– shook up fans with a recent Instagram post.

While promoting the home video release of Fast 8, the actress threatened to quit the incredibly successful franchise unless female characters started to be treated with more respect in future installments.

Director F. Gary Gray has already responded to Rodriguez's comments. But naturally, fans are waiting to see what has to say about it. Diesel is the face of the franchise, so it was widely assumed by fans that her cry for equality in female representation was directed at him and his handling of the films. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

To clear things up, Diesel posted a very sweet video on his official Instagram page, featuring him and together:

In the video, the actress praised her co-star for always supporting strong women in film. She then clarified once and for all that Diesel wasn't the target of her message, and would never be the target of any of her calls to action:

"Vin, for many years you've been the biggest supporter of strong women. And I've always appreciated that about you throughout the years. And just know if I ever post anything, it's not you I'm talking to."

In the caption, Diesel echoed Rodriguez's sentiments. As he perfectly put it, he's proud of the franchise, particularly , but there's still a long way to go with it and its representation of female characters:

"Proud of Our saga... but we must try to reach higher each time. The challenge is what makes it fun and exciting. Its also why this saga has reached the level that it has... you have been the best fans in film history and we are forever grateful... Dom and Letty."

This was a really sweet message, and it's great to know Vin Diesel is such a fierce advocate for strong female characters in movies as big and as resonant as the series. Hopefully the franchise's reach will inspire other franchises to do the same.

What did you think about Vin Diesel's response to Michelle Rodriguez's message for female equality? Let me know in the comments!


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