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Abi Toll

Who has heard the one about the student who was recently cast for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens?

That's right, reported that there have been several open casting calls for the film, where apparently a student from Michigan was successful in their audition.

The hysteria was originally whipped up by college newspaper 'The Hillsdale Collegian'. When the news 'that someone had already been cast' was circulated, it spread like wildfire across the internet after many 'reputable online sites' believed it to be true.

Alas, the rumors were quickly dismissed as false. have reported that The Hillsdale Collegian has now backtracked and have since issued a correction stating:

On Nov. 21, The Collegian reported false information in an article about a student cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. As far as The Collegian’s editors and reporters know, the part has not yet been cast. We apologize for this error.

In fact, Lucasfilm still have yet to reveal key casting decisions for Star Wars Episode VII, apart from R2-D2 who has been confirmed. however believe it is 'likely that will go the mechanical and CGI route with that character'.

Who would be your dream line-up for the next Star Wars installment?



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