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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Michonne () is one furious girl as we enter The Walking Dead Season 4. The Governor () better watch out!

And now, she's got a horse! Yes, Michonne will be riding a horse named "Flame" in Season 4, which you can see in the below exclusively to EW photo:

So, turns out we've even got an explanation for this, producer being quoted as saying that.

"With gas at a premium, with the fact that vehicles break down, I think we would return to the days of horseback riding and you can graze them as you go in a place like Georgia."

Sounds practical and realistic! Not something big-budget American TV shows are known for.

"It goes along with the new approach this season of sustainability. With a horse, you can go through the woods. You can get around obstacles. You can’t do that in a vehicle...Not only that, but Michonne looks so badass on it.”

So, The Walking Dead Season 4 is going to be more sustainable than ones we've seen before. Sustainable? Usually, words rather more exciting come up in press packages (you know, the likes of 'exciting', 'suspenseful', 'sombre'). It's a word I use for food packaging or energy resources, not highly-rated, heavily-hyped US TV series', but hey-ho. Anyway, she certainly looks badass. And on a horse fulfilling her revenge mission will be most likely a lot easier!

I can't wait for The Walking Dead Season 4! How do you all feel about this? Will Michonne succeed in her revenge mission?



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