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For fans of the HBO series , you are in for a treat! The creative mind behind the beloved book series turned TV hit has a new series coming to the small screen titled, Midnight, Texas. Author Charlaine Harris left the world of Sookie Stackhouse and Bon Temps behind her and created a new thrilling series centered in another Southern town.

The book series, now a trilogy, was picked up by NBC for a TV adaptation, not surprising considering how well True Blood did. The first trailer for the dark and mystical show premiered at New York Comic Con and it might just be the show fans needed to fill the void left by True Blood's ending. Here's why...

Small Town Charm

Welcome to Midnight, a sleepy Texas town with very few residents and even fewer reasons to stop while passing through. There is a diner, pawnshop, nail salon, church, gas station and a shop owned by a presumed witch. That about rounds out Midnight, Texas — and like Bon Temps, they are not low on mysterious occurrences.

Eccentric Characters

If you enjoyed the different types of characters on True Blood, you will love to get to know the residents of Midnight, Texas. And who knows, maybe you will see some familiar faces. A certain were-tiger and important bellboy perhaps?

  • Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud) - A psychic who moves to Midnight looking for a fresh start. He can make contact with dead people, including his grandmother.
  • Bobo Winthrop (Dylan Bruce) - Runs Midnight Pawn during the day and is sucked up into a murder mystery after his girlfriend's missing body shows up.
  • Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah) - One of Bobo's tenants who lives in the basement and helps run the pawnshop but only at night because he happens to be a vampire.
  • Olivia Charity (Arielle Kebbel) - Also one of Bobo's tenants and happens to be in a relationship with Lemuel. There are also hints that she is a trained assassin.
  • Fiji Cavanaugh (Parisa Fitz-Henley) - The self-proclaimed witch who lives across the street from Manfred. She runs the shop called The Inquiring Mind in her cottage left to her by her great aunt, which she shares with her talking cat, Mr. Snuggles.
  • Joe Strong and Chuy Villegas (Jason Lewis and Bernardo Saracino) - A couple who own and run a nail salon in town, and also share an interesting supernatural ability when the time sees fit.
  • Reverend Emilio Sheehan (Yul Vazquez) - A very quiet man who watches over the wedding chapel and pet cemetery.
  • Shawn Lovell (Bob Jesser) - Owner of the only busy stop in town, the gas station. He runs it with his troublemaker son, Connor, and his daughter, Creek.

Supernatural Elements

Psychics, witches, vampires, oh my! There is certainly no shortage of supernatural beings in this new series. Unlike True Blood, the story relies heavily on the dead, including the ghosts that Manfred is able to communicate with. Summoning spirits could be very dangerous, but they are also used to gather important intel. By opening up that fantasy world, there are endless possibilities — and Midnight, Texas has no issue exploring those different avenues to tell a good story.

Mysterious Deaths And Looming Threats

In the book trilogy, readers were immersed into stories involving murder mysteries and threats from the supernatural. Rumors have it that the TV adaptation will take storylines from the book trilogy but also provide original content. The trailer that premiered at reveals that they will include the death of a young woman, most likely Bobo's girlfriend — but unlike one big mystery per book, there might be a case per episode type format.

The supernatural danger may seem to be the focus but there will also be local groups including the local cops who always have their eye on the town of Midnight. The secret pasts of some characters will also make you wonder why they ended up in the tiny Texas town.

Community Spirit

Even with the violence and dark characters, the town and its residents stick together. There seems to be some sort of affliction plaguing the group in town but instead of distancing themselves, it brings them closer together. They all have secrets and feel as though they need to protect one another.

With so few residents and a tight-knit group, secrets don't last very long. Even with all the craziness that the characters get caught up in, their main goal is keeping the town and all of their neighbors safe.

Midnight, Texas will be premiering in 2017 on NBC. Will you be checking it out??


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