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The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers have been a part of the pop culture lexicon since the early '90s, and with the rebooted film slated for a March 24, 2017, the property is making a comeback. We are currently in the age of YouTube, and nothing else speaks to the new generation than hilarious cat videos. What do cat videos and Power Rangers have to do with each other? Well, when you combine them, you get a pun-filled nostalgia driven romp.

Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers [Credit: Saban]
Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers [Credit: Saban]

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Go Go Meower Rangers!

The video above comes courtesy of the Power Rangers Official YouTube channel and is a teaser for the recently announced Mewoer Rangers web-series, that follows the continuing adventures of cats with extraordinary abilities, as they attempt to stop the evil Akita Repulsa.

This new wed-series is absolutely genius, especially in terms of viral marketing for the upcoming Power Rangers film. It is under 2 minutes long (which is perfect for my tiny attention span), while also combining the property they are looking to promote, with adorable feline friends. It is absolutely chocked full of cat-puns, and Zordon is played by a beta fish. We literally could not ask anymore of this video because literally everything we could ever want is in there.

This web series also shows that Saban do not take themselves too seriously, and that demonstrates that they at least have a bit of self awareness regarding their property. Saban has not released any specifics regarding the official premiere of the web-series, but we can imagine that it will coincide with the release of Power Rangers in March 2017.

Twitter Reactions To The Meower Rangers

Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers [Credit: Saban]
Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers [Credit: Saban]

Twitter has always been a great place to gauge the general public's response to anything related to pop culture, and Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers is no exception. This web-series certainly struck a chord with its core audience in a way that very few things can. Enjoy these delightful reaction tweets below (one is from actress Bella Thorne, who isn't really the general public, but she's more than welcome):

The Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers have done one thing above all else; they have the public consciousness aware of the Power Rangers again. Saban has taken a page from the Deadpool playbook, which used guerrilla style tactics to promote their film, in a way that didn't seem like marketing at all. They simply introduced a funny photo or video, and let the content speak for itself.

If anything, the release of the Meower Rangers web-series is the best PR stunt that Saban could have pulled off. As more and more outlets pick up the video, the attention will turn into excitement for the upcoming reboot of Power Rangers, which fans are already excited for. Sadly, we will have to wait until March 24, 2017 to see the resurgence of the Power Rangers, but in the mean time, you can watch the Meower Rangers to your hearts content!

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