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The giant radioactive monster made an appearance at Comic-Con over the weekend, and along with a panel including Kick-Ass 2's , Oldboy's and Breaking Bad's , a revealing teaser for ' upcoming flick wowed the audience.

According to Collider, who were offering live-coverage of the event, this is what went down when the footage started rolling:

The clip opened with a devastated city that looked like it had been ravaged by a massive force. Buildings had chunks missing, things were on fire, and as the camera panned around the city we saw what looked like a sort of creature lying on the ground.

The screen went dark, we heard a familiar roar, and then we saw an epic Godzilla walk out of the smoke. Though we didn’t get to see much of the creature since this is merely a test reel and not footage from the film, what we did see looked really, really promising. The crowd went absolutely nuts over this footage, and rightly so.

Screenrant is reporting that the footage was pretty different in tone and style to Pacific Rim, which was released by the same studio, and in fact it even "works better":

The video was super clear, with long, slower wide shots with no weather or light effects hindering view. It still manages to emphasize the scale of the beasts vs. humans, especially when it comes to Godzilla – who, so far, seems to be the biggest monster – at least bigger than the two others they've debuted at Comic-Con.

Sweet. JoBlo is also saying that Edwards also made it clear that the movie is very faithful to the Toho classics. He said it was always his intention that it feels like it's part of the Toho legacy; a "true" Godzilla movie. Ain't It Cool, is also reporting that Taylor-Johnson said that Edwards pitched the project to him as a "big budget art film," and that's the movie he's making.

Godzilla was always my favorite monster, and this testimony of the movie's footage only gets me more pumped for this mighty smackdown. Who's with me?


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