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When it comes to comedy, Mike Myers is a master. It seems like forever ago since we heard the phrases, "Yeah, baby!" and "Shagadelic," exclaimed by the goofy British spy Austin Powers, much less “Asphinctersayswhat?” from his rock 'n' roll cable TV host Wayne Campbell. And how could we ever forget his voicing of the lovable character Shrek? But it looks like Myers is back with a new character to give us a crazy case of the giggles. This time, he's using his comedic genius to become Tommy Maitland, the saucy new host of The Gong Show revival.

What's New With The Gong Show?

Hidden behind a bulbous prosthetic nose and slicked-back hair, Myers revs his comedic engine with Tommy Maitland, a persona who provides a one-two punch of laughs as Myers combines the British voice of with the perma-tanned looks of a wacky Richard Dawson, one of the former hosts of Family Feud.

Back in the '70s, was hosted by Chuck Barris and was known for its crazy humor and memorable off-the-wall acts. The televised talent contest was similar to other shows today, like America Got Talent or The Voice, in which contestants perform their acts before a panel of celebrity judges. In the new Gong Show, the judges will be comprised of familiar Hollywood stars who will score each contestant. But if they feel a performance is bombing, then they get to bang the famous giant gong to end the misery.

The Many Faces Of Mike Myers

This is the first time since Saturday Night Live that we'll get to see Myers perform on television. While on his extensive portfolio included some of the most hilarious characters in the show's history: Wayne Campbell of Wayne's World, stereotypical Jewish middle-aged woman Linda Richmond, and German talk show host Dieter.

But it was his character in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery that made Myers the big-screen comedian of the late '90s. His portrayal of Austin Powers — the Swinging '60s spy who was cryogenically frozen before being unfrozen 30 years later in the '90s — warmed our hearts as he bumbled his way into saving the world.

Not only did Myers play Austin Powers in both movie sequels, he also played each of the films' antagonists — Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember. He showed off his chameleon-like ability as he breathed life into each character with a distinct personality and physicality. Yep, give Myers any prosthetic and his special touch of creative genius will gift us something unique each time.

Just take a look at his acting in The Cat in the Hat. His facial mannerisms alone were enough inspiration for one crafty YouTuber to edit the mischievous Dr. Seuss character into the trailer of the upcoming It movie.

It's about time is back on our TVs. Let's get ready for The Gong Show and its host Tommy Maitland to bring the fun and the gong.

The Gong Show premieres June 22 on ABC. Which SNL character do you want to see Mike Myers bring back to TV? Sound off in the comments below.


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