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is a lucky, lucky woman. On the set of her new sci-fi flick, Jupiter Ascending, the Ted and Family Guy babe hopped on Magic Mike star 's back as they filmed takes for the new futuristic movie.

Playing Caine, the genetically engineered ex-military hunter, Tatum has gone blonde sprouted some facial hair. A good look? Kunis hasn't undergone a dramatic transformation for her character but, as usual, looks as beautiful as ever as the couple buckle up in a harness to shoot a stunt. Check 'em out!

(via Just Jared)

The flick, directed by Matrix and Cloud Atlas directors and , marks the first time that these two star alongside each other as leads. They look totally hot together, right? Can't wait to see how their chemistry translates to the big-screen.

How excited are you for Jupiter Ascending and, more importantly, would you like Channing Tatum to give you a ride? Sound off below!


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