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Now, with currently seeming to be well on its way to snatching a healthy array of at the upcoming , it was arguably inevitable that a few unwitting actors would be drawn into the crossfire of media gossip. After all, it's incredibly rare that any high-profile movie of that sort hits the screen without discarding a few auditionees and attachments along the way.

And, from the sounds of media reports that made their way around a few days back, it would appear that in La La Land's case, it's and who might just be questioning their career choices come February 26, 2017. They, after all, were apparently in line to play the roles that ultimately went to and , only to reportedly lose out because of unreasonable demands.

That, though, isn't the end of the story, it seems. Y'see:

Miles Teller Just Slammed Reports That He Priced Himself Out Of 'La La Land'

Yup, that's right. Unwilling to accept the rumor that he turned down $4 million dollars to star in the movie (reportedly asking for $6 million), Teller took to Twitter and decided to equate the suggestion that he was mildly materialistic with Donald Trump and co.'s recent suggestion that facts aren't absolute. Which, since it's entirely possible that the initial (pointedly unconfirmed) report was false, may well be legitimate. Whether or not it's in good taste in the face of millions of people protesting against some rather more serious "alternative facts," however, is another question entirely.

No word yet on whether Emma Watson considers the suggestion that she required rehearsals to take place in London to be the result of "dishonest media" or Hillary Clinton's emails, though.

What do you think, though? Do you believe Teller when he says that he didn't ask for more money? Let us know below!


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