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Miley Cyrus is totally annoyed at Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, after the actress expressed her disgust over the fact that "sex sells".

Apparently, the Wrecking Ball singer who loves to twerk has now had enough of JLaw and is no longer keeping quiet on all the reasons she hates the Oscar-winning actress.

It all started when, at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere, Jen revealed that she hates the fact that "sex sells, and for some disgusting reason young sex sells even more." And although she never directly criticized Miley and her new sexed-up ass-tastic routines, that didn't stop Miley from getting mad. According to the latest reports from another one of those 'anonymous sources':

Miley feels like Jennifer always tries to act like a feminist in all her interviews, but then poses in a revealing dress to promote her film. That seems so fake to her... Miley's mad as hell. She thinks Jen is such a hypocrite - she basically wears nothing but body paint in X-Men - how is that not using sex to sell? And then, she was all over Liam on the red carpet.

Does Miley know that you can be sexy AND a feminist? I hope so. Anyway, it looks like the claws are well and truly sharpened...

What d'you make of all this, then? Are you Team Jen or Team Miley? Drop your votes below!

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