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Well, I guess not everyone was watching the Breaking Bad series finale last night...

While many fans were emotionally prepping themselves to finally say goodbye to the AMC television series that just won big at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards show, serial twerker was dissing on and his coughy character, Walter White.

Cyrus recently revealed to Rolling Stone that she's just started watching the show and unlike the rest of us mere mortals, she's not all that impressed:

Breaking Bad I just got into, but I haven't been able to keep up with it as much. There's just a lot of him coughing. I'm in the first season, and the coughing is driving me crazy.

Miley just started with Season 1 of the show, in which anti-hero Walter White is introduced as a chemistry teacher and family man who turns to manufacturing meth to provide for his family following a terminal lung cancer diagnosis. Still, Miley's not overly-sympathetic for his plight:

Like, we get it - you're dying. Do you really need a whole two-minute scene of another cough attack? It's too much. In every bad situation, how does he get out? He just starts coughing.

Go home, Miley. You're drunk. Everyone associated with Breaking Bad has cred. You? Hmm...

Do you agree with Miley Cyrus on this issue? Let us know what you thought of the Breaking Bad finale in the comment section below!



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