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For many of us, Miley Cyrus has been a major presence in our lives for over a decade. The daughter of legendary country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus shot to fame as the star of the show Hannah Montana and has been in the spotlight ever since. She has taken the music world by storm, renowned for smash-hit songs like "7 Things", "The Climb" and "Party In The USA".

As with most celebrities, being in the public eye can lead to constant scrutiny, but Cyrus handles it well. Recently, the "Wrecking Ball" star has spoken up, reminding us all that she still doesn't care for labels.

During a recent interview on ITV's Lorraine, Miley was asked by Ross King about her supposed "weirdness". The 24-year-old singer-songwriter then cracked a joke about being weird, commenting on her love for her godmother, Dolly Parton.

"I was saying last night that if you don't like Dolly you're weird. And if I'm telling you you're weird that's saying something because I'm the weirdest person I know."

More importantly, Miley expanded on her view in regards to labels and conventions. With a quick giggle and a truly positive message, Miley reiterated that she continues to reject all labels.

“I’m weird for many reasons...I think I feel genderless. I feel ageless...I’m just a spirit soul, not divided by human being, even animals. I treat the animals the same and hopefully treat the planet with as much respect as possible. I feel very much like there's no 'us' and 'them,' there's no me and you. I feel like I want to be everything and I also want to be kind of nothing. You know? I just want to be able to be myself."

As die-hard Miley fans will know, this isn't the first time Cyrus has discussed gender identity. In the past, she has been vocal about the idea of labelling, believing that anyone who identifies as an artist should steer clear of it.

In addition to being a tenured actress and a musical icon, it appears that Miley Cyrus can also excel as an inspirational speaker. It's great to see her taking the time to speak about her unique outlook on life and her words will undoubtedly resonate with fans. You go, girl!

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