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and kept the public guessing about their relationship status for months after they reunited earlier this year, but now the media-shy pair have taken their love public in a rare outing as a couple — once more reaffirming that they are definitely back on.

The couple, who are rumored to be engaged, emerged to support a friend (Vijat Mohindra) who was putting on his first solo photography show. Although Miley and Liam were together, the pair came with a veritable entourage including Flaming Lips frontman, Amazon Ashley and Katy Weaver.

Miley and Liam clearly won over the other visitors to the show's opening night with one woman who snapped their pic describing them as:


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Cyrus herself also shared an image from the event congratulating her friend on their artistic achievement, but the singer chose not to put any snaps of her and Liam together into the public eye.

It's great to see Miley and Liam are looking as happy as ever together. If a little something like breaking an engagement can't keep them apart, these two are probably made for each other.


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