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With the recent release of her new single, “Malibu,” Miley Cyrus debuted her new sound and look that caught the attention of the entire world. Miley left behind her self-described “strut my stuff” image, which she felt alienated fans who'd followed her since her early days. Miley’s new image is a sort of West Coast hippie, mixed with the same country pop style that rocketed her to stardom in the '00s.

Miley’s new image has been met with praise by her longtime fans, and the singer has been embracing a new vegan “crunchy granola” vibe on her social media accounts. In the past few months, Miley has posted an image of her new vegan-inspired tattoo, along with a bunch of pictures of the happy singer frolicking in grassy fields.

In that spirit, Cyrus’s Instagram page recently garnered a lot of attention when she posted an image of herself lying in her bed topless ... with some four-legged buddies.

The photo features the singer lounging around with her two adorable puppies in bed, and oh yeah, she’s topless. The image isn’t lewd by any means. Sure, she could have covered herself completely, but she edited out the nipple with a little flower sticker, and the comments section is overwhelmingly positive — with a lot of people responding with .

Miley’s Instagram post currently has 865,000 likes and has been the talk of the interwebs. Since Miley’s interview with Billboard in which she announced her lifestyle change, her popularity has skyrocketed, and people can’t get enough of the non-twerking version of . In a recent interview for ITV's Lorraine, Miley spoke about her new sound, and how why she decided to embrace a new image:

"I feel like I proved what I wanted to do. I feel like I have respect and I feel like my charity Happy Hippie has given me that and I feel like I have the respect as an artist that I want, so it's less that I have to prove myself, and that gives me a lot of contentment. I think that makes me have more freedom in my music, because I feel like I can really just be myself and my fans are so accepting of me. But it's just hard for people that are looking out from the outside inside my life all the time and going through every little thing."

While it’s easy to pigeonhole the new Miley with terms like “wholesome” or “family friendly,” it’s worth remembering that she is still a human being, and is not one-dimensional. Her comments to Billboard can seem like she is headed back to her Hannah Montana image, but in reality, she is just trying to be true to herself.

Her new Instagram picture is a perfect example of Miley expressing herself, without adhering to a cultural guideline that people have attached to her. Miley’s image is constantly evolving along with her music, and as always, she has a devoted following that loves her unconditionally.

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(Source: ITV, Rollingstone)


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