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Beware: This post contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If you don't want to be spoiled, look away now.

Because of the unique nature of the 's version of space, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise gives Marvel the opportunity to introduce more out-there and fantastic characters. The House of Ideas has taken full advantage of that by putting characters like Groot, Rocket Raccoon and even Howard the Duck at the forefront, and giving them to famous people (Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Seth Green, respectively) to bring them to life.

will continue that practice. And maybe even upgrade that character to the A-list level most of the heroes in the MCU currently enjoy. How, you impatiently ask? By giving a new superhero their voice via a certain famous singer...

Miley Cyrus Is Playing Mainframe

[Credit: Love Yer Brain Studios]
[Credit: Love Yer Brain Studios]

Turns out, a character named Mainframe is in the movie, and he's voiced by none other than . During a press junket for the movie, and James Gunn revealed the character's involvement in the story. Feige asked the director whether he had told anyone about who was playing him:

"Have you told anyone who Mainframe is?"

To which Gunn revealed he had in fact told someone:

"I haven’t told anyone, yeah. Should we? Oh I think I actually did. I blew it. I told one person."

Well, the information got out. Sarah Ruhlman, a Lifestyle blogger, took to Twitter to reveal that Miley Cyrus was the one responsible for bringing the character to life:

This name will surely be familiar to hardcore comic book nerds, but for non-comic book followers, you might understandably be wondering...

Who In The World Is Mainframe?

Mainframe [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mainframe [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Don't worry, we got you covered. In true James Gunn fashion, the director pulled from the deep and obscure lore of the Universe.

It's important to note there are two characters in the comics that have used the Mainframe moniker. One's an android created by Tony Stark to replace him as Iron Man, and the other is an alternate-universe version of Vision, who lives on Earth-691. employs the latter.

That Mainframe acts as the main (heh, pun) operating system of an entire planet, and can therefore control anything about it, from weather to the planet's stability. Interestingly enough, he is also the guardian of Captain America's trusty shield.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

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The guy has a pretty short backstory so that's all there is to him. In case you're curious to know how Mainframe plays into the film, he (or she, in this case) is part of the original members of the . A few days ago, Kevin Feige revealed the involvement of the original team, and Mainframe will be part of that group (to keep spoilers to a minimum, that's all the information that shall be revealed for now)

Does Mainframe have a future in the MCU? Anything's possible. After all, is known to take unknown characters that didn't really have an impact in comic books and giving them their time in the live-action spotlight. Plus, Marvel is trying to focus more on the cosmic side of the MCU.

However, that's not to say that Miley Cyrus will continue in the franchise, especially if we take into account her busy singing career and the fact that she had just a cameo. We have to remember that Mainframe will surely be CGI and therefore any other voice actor could take on the role.

hits theaters on May 5, 2017.


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