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Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot has been shaping up surprisingly well ever since it was announced. In the span of a few months, we've gotten an official poster, a glimpse at the main character's signature weapon, and we learned that Ian McShane joined the project as Hellboy's dad. Now the excitement continues, because we know who the devilish anti-hero will be going up against for his cinematic rebirth.

The Resident Evil franchise may have come to an end, but is jumping right back into the sci-fi game; she's in final talks to star in Hellboy as the Blood Queen, according to Deadline. (There's a character in the comics known as the Queen of Blood, which is likely the same as in the film.)

[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]
[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

The Queen was originally a young witch named Nimue, the trusted apprentice of Merlin — yes, the Merlin — during the King Arthur era. Nimue wasn't so loyal, though, because she used what she learned to lock her teacher up in a prison for eternity. Unfortunately for Nimue, her magic powers were too much to handle alone, and she was driven mad by them.

She became so insane that other witches decided to kill her. Since Nimue was immortal, the witches buried her deep beneath the Earth instead. Nimue was later freed in modern times, fed by the blood of inhabitants from a nearby village (hence her moniker), and she set out to get revenge on the Witches of England. If you want to dive deeper into her story, we've got you covered.

It's important to note that Jovovich's casting isn't official just yet, but she is in the final negotiation stages, so it's pretty much a done deal. The actress has shown us her impressive action chops for the past decade in Resident Evil, so I can't wait to see her pitted against .

[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]
[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

On a side note, earlier this month, the film's title was shortened from Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen to just Hellboy, which caused some speculation as to whether that meant the movie would drop the villainess or whether it was just for simplicity's sake. Jovovich's casting indicates it was the latter situation.

Hellboy doesn't have a release date yet — but the aforementioned poster, which was spotted earlier this year, confirmed it's expected to land in theaters sometime in 2018.

What do you think about Milla Jovovich getting cast as the Blood Queen? What do you think she'll bring to the role? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Deadline]


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