ByWill Wharton, writer at
Creative Director
Will Wharton

Here in the smallest, darkest part of the Moviepilot office, where scuzzy dreams are made, we love nothing more than spending an evening in a Jacuzzi full of money surrounded by famous celebrities wearing nothing more than their Underoos. As such, we're always on the lookout for sexy celebs who could potentially join the party (games include: bobbing for dollars and grabbing dollars using only bobbing) and today I might have found the perfect candidate to take the plunge...

Milla Jovovich has always been one sexy element and since her lycra-clad lungings in the Resident Evil franchise have gone from strength to strength, so has her sex-factor. Right now we're thinking of throwing Kate Beckinsale out of our Jacuzzi as there's only room for one babealicious vampire/zombie/werewolf stabber in the office. Seriously, it's a small office.



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