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Deadpool took the film industry by storm, unexpectedly exceeding expectations by becoming an R-rated box office success. Consequently, Friday's news that director Tim Miller had left the sequel due to the oft-cited "creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds was as surprising as it was disappointing — what could've caused such a significant fallout?

According to The Wrap, Miller's shocking departure appears to be due to disagreements over the casting of Cable, the half-cyborg set to enter Fox's superhero shared universe in Deadpool 2. Miller's choice for the role was believed to be Bloodline actor Kyle Chandler, but Reynolds's disagreement led to the split.

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The pair also reportedly clashed over the direction of the sequel; Miller's preference was with a more "stylized" movie, while Reynolds emphasis was on the quick witted, risqué humor that worked so effectively in the original.

The Importance Of Cable In Deadpool 2

Deadpool and Cable have a rich history [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Deadpool and Cable have a rich history [Credit: Marvel Comics]

If the rumored source of the creative breakup is true, it indicates the influence Reynolds has over the future franchise. It's understandable, considering the actor's affinity and suitability for the role, so much so the lines between Reynolds and Wilson blur.

But more importantly, it also shows the importance the role of Cable has in Deadpool 2. The son of Cyclops has a rich comic book history with Wade Wilson, with the pair frequently joining forces (and later, X-Force itself) to battle the bad guys. A lot of their chemistry-filled relationship is based on the quick-witted exchanges, and building an onscreen rapport with Reynolds is essential.

Furthermore, the shortlist of those vying for the role of Domino adds extra pressure. Domino also has a colorful history with Cable, meeting him when she joined a team of mercenaries known as the Six Pack, then later becoming a love interest. The 10 names are all highly talented actresses who ooze charisma, and whoever plays Cable will need to share that chemistry, all the while maintaining the raw, grounded and gritty feel of the first.

Who Will Play Cable?

Stephen Lang in 'Don't Breathe' [Credit: Ghost House Pictures]
Stephen Lang in 'Don't Breathe' [Credit: Ghost House Pictures]

If Kyle Chandler has been ruled out, who may Reynolds have in mind? Names doing the rounds include Ron Perlman, Ray Stevenson and Jon Hamm. However, following the success of horror Don't Breathe (2016), Stephen Lang could be the perfect fit. Not only does he have the look, but also the no-nonsense and tough attitude to go along with it.

That decision will now lie with Reynolds and Fox, and possibly Miller's replacement. The director's departure is a real shame, especially considering how closely he was linked with the success of the original, which was in itself an obvious passion project.

However, the split does show that the pressure is on for Deadpool 2, enhanced by both previous success and comic book devotees who want to see a justified onscreen version of character such as Cable.

But if anyone can deliver more Deadpool success, it's Ryan Reynolds.


Who would you like to see play Cable?

(Source: The Wrap)


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