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Depending on how large their part is in a movie or TV show, child actors have the potential to make or break the project. That makes the search for the right one quite challenging. is the perfect example of that search being successful. The actress became a sensation after her role as the adorable-yet-frightening Eleven in 's sci-fi drama, .

Now she's being rewarded for her stellar work in the most amazing way possible. The just happened, and Brown had the time of her life during the ceremony. Let's take a look at how much fun she had:

Her Award Acceptance Speech

Brown was awarded with the "Best Actor In A Show" award, which was given to her by and . After stating just how heavy the iconic popcorn-themed award is, she gave a beautiful speech while holding back tears of joy, thanking her family and friends:

"Alright, well first of all I want to thank anybody who voted and especially MTV. I'd like to thank Netflix, Ian Patterson, Dan Cohen. I want to thank the cast and crew for being my second family, you guys I love you... I want to thank my family, Paige, Charlie, Eiley. I love you guys. And my mom and dad for being so supportive. I want to thank my team, Jenny and Kara, you guys are like, my best friends, you're not even like my publicists. I also want to thank my manager, Melanie Green, she couldn't be here tonight, but now I am thinking of you and I love you so much. Steve and all of WME. I also... Oh goodness, going blank now...

"... I want to thank Sean Libby for being one of the best directors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Sean, everything you've taught, I will carry on for the rest of my career. Lastly, I want to thank the Duffer Brothers, because they've created a badass, female, iconic characters that I've got the honor to play. Thank you guys so much, I love you."

There's no arguing that. Eleven is one of those characters that resonated with you from the first minute of watching her do her thing; the showrunners found the perfect actress to make that happen. Hopefully we'll get to see her now signature role earn her many more awards.

Meeting Her Heroes

Not only did Brown win one of the most coveted awards in the entertainment industry, she also got to hang out with some her favorite actors. For starters, she got to hang out with Efron and Daddario after being presented with the award:

And it looks like Zac Efron fanboyed out a little, too. Afterward, Brown had an awesome encounter with and , where the young actress had the most adorable reaction to Watson. The pictures shared through Twitter pretty much tell us everything about how excited she was to be in front of these two screen icons:

Non-movie fanatics may see Emma Watson, Millie Bobby Brown and Hugh Jackman. I don't know about you, but I can only see Hermoine/Belle, Eleven and Wolverine in one picture. That is one potential action comedy/thriller I would watch every day.

Okay, this is officially one of the coolest situations a child could be in. Millie Bobbie Brown is a fantastic actress, and we will continue to see her thriving - not only as the beloved Eleven in Stranger Things but in many more roles - and being recognized for her immense talent.

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