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Cliffhanger endings tend to make fans a little nuts. The Walking Dead infuriated viewers last year by making us wait months to discover which character(s) Negan killed — and decades before that, Dallas fans wanted to know who shot J.R. Ewing.

With spoilers galore online, it's easier than ever to find an answer to that nagging question about one of your favorite characters. But there is one question that has left This Is Us fans mystified and a little upset, since it wasn't answered at the end of Season 1: How does Jack die?

, who plays Jack Pearson on the NBC series, has a response that may make you change your focus. When speaking to New York Post, Ventimiglia didn't hold back when he was asked his opinion about the ending of Season 1:

"It bothered me that people were so wrapped up in wanting to know [about] Jack's death. Whenever someone would say to me, 'I was bummed I didn't find out,' I would say, 'I'm disappointed you didn't focus on his life.' People are dissatisfied no matter what. If Jack dies: 'Why did you kill him?' If Jack lives: 'Why didn't you show us how he died?' People just need to calm down ... and understand that things are going to unfold as they're supposed to unfold."

It's clear that Ventimiglia wants fans to focus on who Jack is — father and husband — rather than his untimely death. How someone lived is much more important than how they died, and even though the message may be a little firm, perhaps Ventimiglia felt it was necessary to encourage fans to pay attention to the entire show.

And though Ventimiglia knows how and when Jack dies, he's not sharing the information. But he's not the only one keeping mum. This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman told the L.A. Times that they may have to take serious preventative measures to keep scripts from being leaked:

"I think next season we’re going to have to put some scripts on lock down. There’s going to be big stuff happening. We did it once this year with the ‘Memphis’ episode — we changed names of characters in the event something got around."

Even though we don't know how Jack has died, there is one thing we can be thankful for, and that's the reassurance that Ventimiglia won't be leaving the series regardless:

“I know how [Jack dies], I know when, I know why. It didn’t sway me at all. [Executive producer Dan] Fogelman said to me, ‘Milo, don’t worry. Just because Jack is dead in the present day doesn’t mean you’re going to be off the show.’”

We'll just have to wait to find out.

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