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When Hollywood runs out of sequels and remakes, it's still got another trick up its sleeve to produce relatively risk-free big-budget movies: Just take a successful franchise in another type of entertainment and turn it into a film. People love to use emojis? Time to make an emoji movie!

After that head-scratcher of a project, the next one on the list of "movies based on a popular franchise but impossible to imagine as movies" is an adaptation of , the sandbox where everything is made of little cubes. After all, it's the best-selling PC game ever, and it's got about 40 million unique players each month, so that's the audience already, am I right?

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Minecraft: The Movie Will Star Steve Carell

Steve Carell in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'
Steve Carell in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

While we have no details about the plot or visual direction the movie will take, there's already one big name attached: Variety is reporting that is in talks to join, though they're not specifying whether that involves voice acting or a cube-shaped version of his face. Rob McElhenney, writer and director on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is directing and writing the script with Jason Fuchs, who last signed the screenplay for Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. own the rights to the adaptation.

What we can probably expect is the same type of guilty-pleasure, nerdy feeling that worked so well for The LEGO Movie, which already has a Batman-focused sequel coming up. After all, Minecraft boasts an incredible community of gamers who have been pushing the boundaries of what can be built with a set of cubes: After the business that opened an actual office within the game, one extremely patient player recreated the trailer for My Neighbor Totoro in Minecraft.

Minecraft: The Movie is set for release on May 25, 2019.


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