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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Oh Mischa, things are never easy for you, are they? Cursed with being born in 1986, the same year as other troubled souls such as Amanda Bynes, Shia LaBeouf and Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton's life has been nothing but a rollercoaster, and this recent development makes it seem as though things are taking a turn for the worse.

With a past littered with drunk driving offenses, stints in rehab, a history of being difficult to work with and even, in a moment of madness, suing her own mother for theft over their co-owned Beverly Hills mansion, Mischa is prone to living life, shall we say, eccentrically. Now with recent reports coming through that she's been voluntarily taken to the hospital after acting erratically, we're worried that Mischa may be going through a new rough patch — and this is after she starred on Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing With The Stars [Credit: ABC]
Dancing With The Stars [Credit: ABC]

After Making 'Incoherent Statements' Mischa Was Taken To The Hospital

Speaking to E! News, a West Hollywood Sheriff's Deputy confirmed the rather concerning event:

"She [Mischa] was making incoherent statements that made absolutely no sense and she was transported to the hospital."

However, it sounds like Mischa didn't resist being taken there for her own good, instead willingly cooperating with the authorities who responded to the 911 disturbance call.

Mischa Was Spotted Behaving In A 'Bizarre Fashion' In Her Garden

The Hoarder [Credit: Atlantic Picture Company]
The Hoarder [Credit: Atlantic Picture Company]

The distressing 911 call was made after Mischa was spotted acting in a "bizarre fashion" in the backyard of her West Hollywood home, according to TMZ's sources. Obviously at this time we cannot confirm what the cause of her erratic behavior was, but in order for the authorities to be called, we can assume it was pretty traumatic for all involved.

Only One Week Earlier, Mischa Was Enjoying A Dinner With Swarovski & Ethical Fashion Brands

Posted only last week to her Instagram account, Mischa shared a photo of herself in what we can assume are clothes made by ethical fashion brand TOME NYC at a dinner hosted by Swarvoski. The comments under this image are now filled with fans wishing her a speedy recovery. One fan, @pina_patootie stating:

Get better soon darling. You are a strong woman!! A warrior!!!!!!!! We all believe in you. Shine on!!!

With @_alannaht commenting:

Feel better Mischa. Hope you are getting the best care and treatment xo :)

And another fan, @albynoman sending these heartfelt wishes:

Heya, hope you're feeling better now! A lot of people care about you. It's going to be a lot of hard work but we believe in you :)

It just goes to show that while people may be posting what appear to be happy images to their social media channels, there may be a very different story lurking beneath. We're all hoping Mischa makes a speedy recovery soon.

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