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For those of us who've seen the finale, it was quite an episode to behold, ending on a huge cliffhanger as well as depicting the unfortunate departure of two beloved characters, technically more than two if we count Mary Winchester being trapped in another dimension as an exit. It's safe to to assume, however, that Mary's story arc will be addressed next season.

The more unfortunate casualties turned out to be Castiel and Crowley. Yes, Crowley. He wound up sacrificing himself in the end to trap Lucifer in the alternate dimension opened by the Nephilim's birth. Unfortunately, Crowley's sacrifice was made in vain seeing as how Lucifer jumped back through the interdimensional portal right after. Nevertheless, it's unfortunate to see Crowley go, especially after his last act on redeemed him for his past transgressions.

That said, Castiel's death was a more deeply felt loss than Crowley.

'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]
'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]

Castiel Is Coming Back Despite His Latest Death On Supernatural

Castiel's death, despite being the most shocking development in the finale, may not be permanent as some think. Despite seeing Castiel stabbed with an Angel blade while his face lit up with the glow that indicates an angel's death, it's apparently not the end for our favorite deadpan angel.

recently tweeted out a confirmation of his return, despite his character's all but certain death on the show:

It's worth pointing out that Castiel has returned from the grave more than once, meaning it's plausible for him to make another comeback. The context around his resurrection is still undetermined but it's safe a bet to say God/Chuck will need to be tagged back in for it. Unless, by some far off chance, the Nephilim brings Castiel back into existence. It does have immeasurable power with no limits, after all.

'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]
'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]

Regardless of the how, it's a good thing Castiel is coming back. Sam and Dean Winchester need someone like Castiel backing them up, especially when they're usually up against creatures and beings that have a distinct advantage over their human selves. Castiel levels the playing field, but being dead makes that impossible. Luckily, we'll see him make a comeback in .

Supernatural returns for Season 13 next year. Release date is TBA.


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