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Mon-El Getting To Know The Team

We like the chemistry he has with each of the team members. Not overly arrogant, but also sort of clueless as to what it is to have these abilities on earth. He had some pretty interesting moments with Kara and Winn this episode, but we will go into that in the more in-depth review (posted on Saturday!). Despite this, his growing friendship with Kara and the team will probably be the motivation behind Jimmy's transformation into Guardian.

Kara Vs. Draaga

Kara has been beat down pretty hard by some of the baddies on this show, but none of them have flicked her as if she were a fly like Draaga. We would have definitely want to see a little more ass kicking in their second round, but there's always next time.

Martian Vs. Martian

J'onn wanted to connect their minds with one another at the beginning of the episode, but she goes ahead and tries to beat the living crap out of him. We hate to see them fighting, but we also couldn't look away. The show has really stepped it up as far as the fight sequences go. J'onn didn't want to hit M'gann, but that didn't stop her from getting in some good hits.

Roulette's Fight Club

For those Justice League Unlimited fans, seeing this in a live-action adaption was pretty awesome. While the story of the club's origins is a bit different, it's exciting to see that it could play a bigger part down the line in the SuperLegendaryFlarrowverse! Dichen Lachman absolutely crushed the role as well!


In the "Exile" storyline, superman exiled himself from earth due to some mental issues he had. He ended up having to participate in gladiatorial games by Mongul on Warworld. Draaga was their most prized fighter, but was ultimately defeated by Superman. Instead of killing him, Superman and teamed up to overthrow Mongul. Draaga is chosen to rule Warworld and even dons the remains of Superman's costume (as he had come to respect him). He would go on to search for Superman later on so that they could have a rematch. He has also been confronted by Supergirl as well. It was very cool for the show to include him the way they did.

War World/Mongul:

Mon-El mentioned to Kara that he had seen Draaga fight on and told her about a weakness he had. In the comics, Warworld was created by an alien race called the Warzoons, as their ultimate weapon. However, all the Warzoons died off mysteriously, and the last one was found dead at the planet's control chair by the Largas, an extremely peaceful alien race. The Largas buried him, then kept the key-like device that could activate Warworld hidden. But the Largas also died out over time, and the last one gave the key to the Martian race — who had once been devastated by a war — for safekeeping before dying. After the DC Universe's history was rebooted during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Warworld was reintroduced in a multipart storyline in the Superman comics. In this version, Mongul had obtained Warworld from a trio of aliens called the Council of Overseers who allowed him to use it to form his own space empire. Basically taking us back to the story above with Draaga. This also means that down the line we could see Mongul make an appearance as a Big Bad. They planted an Easter Egg in the first season with the Black Mercy plant, now this has us all excited!

M'gann Turning Into A White Martian:

True fans would have seen this one coming. Through all the talks she had with J'onn throughout the episode, you know that she was hiding something a lot bigger than she was letting on. This is definitely going to put a huge strain on whatever type of relationship they have established. For those who read comics or have watched , this would have not been that much of a surprise. That doesn't mean it wasn't exciting, though! She's beautiful isn't she:

Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound

This is more of a reference, but when Winn was telling Mon'El about his abilities, he referenced the quote above.

Compare M'gann's reveal with that of Hank's from Season 1 of Supergirl and leave a comment below about which one was more shocking:

With all that being said, what were your favorite parts about the episode? Did you catch any Easter Eggs that we didn't mention? Leave it in the comments below — we would love to read them! Be sure to check out the full recap/review of this episode here (which should be posted on Saturday) Thanks for reading and see you in the next one!


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