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One of my favorite on-screen weddings has always been Kermit and Miss Piggy's nuptials at the end of The Muppets Take Manhattan, which is why I'm excited to learn that Miss Piggy is getting married...again!

According to an interview on BBC's The Film Programme, Eve Stewart - the production designer for Les Miserables - is quoted as saying she is working on the antithesis of Les Mis:

I'm now at Pinewood doing The Muppet Show. And today has been one of the best days of my life, designing Miss Piggy's wedding at the Tower of London.

Though Stewart says "The Muppet Show," she's currently at work on Muppets Most Wanted which is set in London and is now shooting, so let's presume that's what she means.

Wait, what? Miss Piggy already married Kermit. Is this an indication that the upcoming Muppets flick does not respect the established canon? Who is Piggy marrying? Will there be a piggy-froggy wedding? And will the Swedish Chef make the cake? Hopefully these questions and more will be answered soon.

The Muppets...Again! is slated for release March 21, 2014. What do you think of Miss Piggy's wedding being featured in the movie?


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