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The Walking Dead's is a popular guy. The comment section at the bottom of every Walking Dead article on this site is littered with expressions of devotion towards the actor and the stern promise that if he's ever cut from the show then "this is one fan who will no longer watch." Basically woman want him and men want... their woman not to want to him.

For one troubled lady though, her love for Reedus has turned into a dangerous obsession.

The Clarion Ledger reports that a Mississippi woman going through a nervous breakdown drove to Georgia in search of "her man" Norman Reedus. Melody Lynch, 32, cooked breakfast for her husband before packing her three children into the car and heading to Atlanta, where the zombie drama is currently being filmed. When her car ran out of gas she gave her kids to a passing motorist.

Captain Robert Fawley of West Point Police Department describes what happened:

She flagged a car down and gave her kids to a complete stranger and told the motorist to take them to the police department.

The kids were taken to the West Point Police Department and the motorist told them where they could find Lynch. When questioned by police she admitted that she was on the way to Atlanta to see the filming of The Walking Dead. According to the police report, "she stated she lived in Mississippi and was on the way to visit Norman. I asked her who Norman was; she said that he was ‘her man’ and that she was in Ga. to see him. I asked her for his last name and where he lived and she said that his name was Norman Reedus and she was unaware of what city."

Hopefully Lynch is now able to get the medical attention that she needs and can console herself with the thought that she'll be able to see Reedus every Sunday night when The Walking Dead returns in October.


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