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Whenever you go to see a Disney movie, you can trust that it is going to be packed full of awesome easter eggs. However, when I was finally watching Moana, I noticed a particular scene that confused me. It seemed really familiar, almost like I had seen it fairly recently, and that's when I realized it.

Moana Definitely Has A Tribute To Mad Max: Fury Road

Warning: Minor spoilers for Moana below!

Moana's Mad Max tribute.
Moana's Mad Max tribute.

In the film, shortly after Moana meets Maui, they encounter a massive ship, packed with coconut pirates called the Kakamora. They cover themselves in war paint, arm themselves with barbaric weapons, and pound on giant drums while they chase down the protagonists. At that point, I picked up on some definite Mad Max vibes.

Once the music partnered up with the pounding of drums, I was sure of it. The music sounded like it was straight out of Fury Road, but I still couldn't believe it. Why would an animated family movie make such an obvious reference to a rated-R action packed sci-fi hit from the previous year?


At that point, I was starting to suspect that I was reading too much into it. Maybe I was just projecting my love of Mad Max onto the movie and reading into it too much. But then, I saw this on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram account:

Maui himself confirmed it. Apparently some of the cast and crew behind-the scenes loved Mad Max: Fury Road so much that they included an entire sequence into Moana that was influenced by George Miller's masterpiece. Does that mean that Disney is going to start referencing darker adult-oriented movies in their animated flicks? That would certainly be a nice little treat for all of the parents that take their kids to these movies.

Moana is packed full of easter eggs, from Mad Max to Frozen, so make sure to keep your eye out the next time you go to watch the movie. And if you have found a few tasty tidbits, let me know in the comments below!

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