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Beneath the sanitized surface of human society, both the real and digital worlds are perverted, twisted places. The Sims is no exception. The game series is not the safe haven for sexual puritans it once was; the kind who like to imagine sex as something that goes on out of sight, all giggles and innocence.

Sex mods for have been around as long as the games. But it's apparently growing into a lucrative business, at least for one particular modder by the name of Turbodriver, who's earning more than $4,000 a month by bringing the dark desires of the Sims playerbase to digital life. What's this creation you ask? The explicitly erotic mod WhickedWhims, that's what!

From Missionary To Reverse Ghostly Felatio: The Sims & Their Wicked Whims

[Credit: Turbodriver/Electronic Arts]
[Credit: Turbodriver/Electronic Arts]

WhickedWhims is constantly growing. Today, Turbodriver is far from the only person working on it as he cannot satisfy all the strange requests and desires of Sims players around the world by himself.

At the moment, Whickedwhims adds dozens of sexual features to the somewhat dry The Sims 4, and let's just say that ripping off the covers while your Sims are going at it is one of the more sober implementations.

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If you want a more... detailed look at WhickedWhims' features, head over to the mod's homepage.

Giving Players What They Want

Where The Sims blurs out nudity and covers up any sexual activity, referring to it only as the act of"woohooing," WhickedWhims doesn't hold back. Especially if you download the specialized animations for almost every possible sexual motion. Like thrusting, bouncing, facial contortion and... more thrusting.

On Patreon, a site where fans can subscribe to the works of creators or artists by paying a small fee, Turbodriver has gathered more than a 1,000 passionate supporters. As such, delivering people their sexual fantasies through WhickedWhims has now become Turbodriver's full-time job.

“Porn is never out of fashion so there will always be someone interested in WickedWhims. Or who knows, I may switch to a different game. It’s sort of sad thinking that I will only be making sex mods, but what if that is my purpose on this planet?”

- Turbodriver talking with Kotaku

The modders who support Turbodriver and his exploits are also earning decent bucks for their work on the mod on Patreon. In a way, Turbodriver created the foundation of a new market with WhickedWhims. A very sexy market.

Deciding What's Proper

However, as Tobi McGuire's Spider-Man forever taught us, great power demands great responsibility. Twisted stuff that's illegal in most States can happen in WhickedWhims as per request of the paying playerbase. The mod includes controversial inclusions such as incest and allowing adults to romance teenagers.

Which is undoubtedly unsettling, but as Turbodriver told Kotaku:

“(As the creator) I become the person that decides what is right and what is wrong. I have to approve of your sexual fantasies. The Sims is a sandbox game where the player has the freedom to do whatever they want and come up with any scenarios they want.”

And Turbodriver continued:

With that point of view, it’s important to understand how far you can go with a set of options. Adult or teen, male or female, parent or sibling, there are many combinations, but [they are things that can happen as] role-play. It’s like popular incest porn, you know it’s [pretend]...It doesn’t interest me what people do in their games, it’s up to them how they use the tools I give them.”

With that explanation out of the way, there are limits to the openness of the WhickedWhims of course. The mod, for example, doesn't permit sex with kids in any way.

Liberating Sims Sexually

So what's the future for WhickedWhims look like? Well the ultimate goal is to achieve "sexual autonomy" for Sims. As it is now, every sexual expedition has to be carefully orchestrated in the mod and the characters have to be set up to perform every lustful deed.

Which isn't exactly natural and kind of breaks the immersion. In Turbodriver's ideal version of WhickedWhims, Sims would decide for themselves on the kinds of sexual adventures they'd undergo. To do it, he's trying to implement “Desire,” an indicator that governs how, when, why and with whom a Sim might have sex.

This is easier imagined than done, as the implementation demands extensive modding and tuning to the way The Sims 4 works. Hopefully Turbodriver will find a way so all the adventurous—or maybe just sex-starved—players out there can enjoy an even better version of their favorite mod.

Are you going to try out WhickedWhims if Turbodriver manages to liberate Sims' appetites? Or is this a pass?

(Source: Kotaku)


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