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The cast of Modern Family aren't just a family onscreen — they're all exceptionally supportive of each off-screen too. Sarah Hyland just proved this yet again by standing up to members of paparazzi who wanted her to give a negative soundbite about her on-screen sister, Ariel Winter.

Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, is no stranger to controversies. She has had a lot of hate come her way over the last couple of years, mainly over her choice of allegedly risque outfits. Only last week, Winters drew criticism for wearing a revealing dress to a Modern Family Q & A panel, which she nobly clapped back to in the best possible way. However, she doesn't always have to fight her battles alone; she has Sarah Hyland by her side to protect her as a big sister off-screen as well. Hyland recently took to Twitter to announce that paparazzi wanted her to "talk s**t" about Ariel at the airport. She also let the paparazzi know that they were digging for something that they weren't going to get.

Ariel Winter was quick to show her love for Sarah for her gesture.

This is not the first time that the media has tried to pit two actresses against each other. Last year, there were a number of occasions in which actresses had to clear the air about their rumoured rivalries with other actresses.

Back in September 2016, Rose McGowan wrote an emotional post on Instagram dedicated to her Shannen Doherty. When McGowan took over from Doherty as one of the female leads on Charmed, many made comparisons between the two actresses, and looked to stir up a rivalry between the two. In her post, McGowan makes it clear that rumors about their feud were false, and that their was no rivalry between them.

Since 2013, there have also been rumors about a rivalry between two of the finest actresses in Hollywood right now: Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. The rumors claimed that Jessica had a grudge over Jennifer after she lost out an Oscar to her. It was only last year that Chastain put an end to those rumors by calling it a fake news. She told E! Online:

"I know also during Oscar season [2012-2013], media, because they were trying to get headlines and get clicks, were trying to fabricate a fake rivalry between Jennifer Lawrence and myself and I immediately came out and said this is a media myth that has to stop."

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter aren't even the only actresses on Modern Family who have had to face this. There had been constant rumors of Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen not getting along with each other, until Bowen went to The Ellen Show in November and made her love for her fellow co-star known.

Such fabricated feud rumours are uncalled for, and we are so glad that Sarah Hyland was strong enough to shake off such rumours even before they started. We hope that Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland's love for each other off-screen remains as strong as ever. As for their onscreen counterparts, the Dunphy sisters will be back for at least two more seasons of Modern Family.

After so much uncertainty over the future of the show, Modern Family has finally been renewed for Season 9 and Season 10. With the Season 8 finale airing next Wednesday, we couldn't be happier that the Dunphy sisters get to explore their relationship for two further seasons.

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