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Lucia Valeria Fischer

Mother of Dragons by Jason Edmiston

John Snow by Jock

Jaqen H'ghar by Joao Ruas

Margaery by Audrey Kawasaki

An amazing collaboration between Mondo and HBO as they set up this beautiful Game of Thrones gallery exhibition back in SXSW. Such a great way to prepare for the third season as they got a slew of well known artists to join in and create their own adaptations for the series.

Believe it or not, all prints are for sale and the final two just got released yesterday. Check them out down here:

Bran Stark by Richey Beckett


Canus Dirus by Aaron Horkey

If you like them, ORDER THEM! Lord knows if I had the money they'd all be adorning the walls of my bedroom right now.

If you want to know more about the exhibition check out this video they made plus this link for more info.


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