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These days, most fans — even the ones that only discovered the series after it was off the air — have seen each episode about a dozen times or more. You probably know that Carol was played by two different actresses, Gunther wasn't always the manager at Central Perk, Phoebe meets Frank Jr. before she knows he's her brother, and there's something very strange happening outside Monica's kitchen window.

Yes, it's hard to find a piece of trivia that a true Friends fan doesn't already know, and yet, Brian Pocrass of 22 Vision managed to do just that. As it turns out, Monica and Chandler's new house in Westchester is the house from Home Alone!

Not convinced? Pocrass put together the video below with all the details. Check it out now!

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As much fun as it would be to imagine a shared universe in which the McCallisters existed alongside the Geller-Bings, it unfortunately doesn't quite pan out, since Monica and Chandler's house is in Westchester and the McCallisters lived in Illinois.

The Home Alone house was sold in 2012 for a respectable $1.58 million. If you happen to be walking down Lincoln Ave. in Winnetka, IL, you'll spot the house, and the blue house across the street. Just don't try any hijinks, because there are still people living there today!


Did you notice that the view from Chandler and Monica's new house was the same as the 'Home Alone' house?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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