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Will Wharton

To you, Monica Bellucci is the chick in Matrix 2 and 3 that woke you up from your coma induced by endless nonsensical speeches and Jesus metaphors. You had basically just checked out of living for a while, at least until the movie ended, and then suddenly...

Boom! BOOM! This is a great movie, huh?

She's there, like an injection of awesomeness into an otherwise weak-ass sci-fiction masturbation-fest involving nerds with too much budget throwing trucks and alien ghosts at each other. Remember?

Anyway, she's still around and is still just as hot as she was in those terrible movies. Now she's limiting most of her sexiness to French Vogue and some really rather delicious French movies that involve lots of nudity and cigarette smoking.

Here are a couple of photos from her latest spread, courtesy of Spanish Vanity Fair:


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