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Marvel has continued to do a stellar job at creating new and unique characters. The likes of Silk, Mosaic, Gwenpool and Moon Girl have all enjoyed their own series and are well on their way to becoming fan favorite comic book characters. Marvel's newest character to get their own dedicated adventure is Kid Kaiju, a.k.a Kei Kawade, an 11-year old boy with the power to summon the monsters he draws. His series is called Monsters Unleashed and is written by superstar writer Cullen Bunn of and Uncanny X-Men. Do you need a reason as to why you should give Kid Kaiju's comic a read? Here are six reasons.

6. The Monsters

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Kid Kaiju and Elsa Bloodstone are hunting down monsters, or Leviathans, as the series likes to call them, courtesy of the "Monsters Unleashed" event. The Leviathans look incredible, with an anime meets Jack Kirby meets a man-of-action cartoon feel to them. Most of the main cast of Leviathan exhibit fun personalities, which helps brings them to life and keeps them from being nothing more than a bland horde of hellions. Monsters Unleashed is the perfect comic for fans of creatures, , mechs, aliens and the like.

5. Villains

Recently the trend in comics and comic book movies has been for hero vs. hero action. Over at , we had Captain America: Civil War, which pit Iron Man and Captain America against each other, while in the comic book crossover storyline "Civil War II" we saw Captain Marvel, a.k.a Carol Danvers, take on Iron Man. We also had Inhumans vs. X-Men, while over at the we got Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While we've enjoyed a lot of hero versus hero content in comics recently, thankfully heroes are back to fighting villains again. In Monsters Unleashed, Kid Kaiju and Elsa Bloodstone are up against the New Intelligencia, filled with some of the cleverest villains in the Marvel Universe, including the Leader, the Mad Thinker, Mister Sinister and MODOK 2.0. Seriously, they look like the sickest Saturday-morning cartoon villain lineup ever. It's not that I hated those heroes versus heroes stories — it's just that they were getting tired. Monsters Unleashed is offering something fresh again.

4. Elsa Bloodstone

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Elsa Bloodstone is a foulmouthed, badass monster hunter. She's been a fan-favorite character ever since she became a member of the short-lived Nextwave team. It seems that each time she becomes a part of a series, it's either canceled or turns out to be nothing longer than a miniseries, which is truly a shame. The series she has appeared in have all been great, and she's been a memorable player in each one. In Monsters Unleashed she's Kid Kaiju's protector and mentor, which makes for a fascinating dynamic.

So if you want to help lift the curse (yes, that's what I'm calling it) that Elsa Bloodstone seems to have on her head, then go buy a copy of Monsters Unleashed, because I'm tired of seeing Elsa getting canned.

3. The Art

David Baldeon is the artist behind Monsters Unleashed. His talent is consistently great throughout the book, with characters whose facial expressions are perfect, Leviathans that are unique, and a certain charm that is honest and surprising. Baldeon's creativity is reason enough to delve into Monsters Unleashed.

2. The Writing

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Cullen Bunn is one of the hardest working writers in comics, with a total of 16 titles for 10 publishers over the span of three months. His strength lies in crafting characters, and Monsters Unleashed plays to that strength. With a well-written cast of fun players who all offer unique personalities as well as an engaging story, Monsters Unleashed is a must-have for your comic book collection.

1. New Character: Kid Kaiju

Kid Kaiju is Marvel's newest champion. He's an with the ability to bring the monsters he draws to life. We as comic book fans should support new characters and the titles that back them. Marvel and DC have both been on a tear in recent years, creating new characters each within their own meaty series. What these new characters have in common is great critical success, but less than impressive financial success, often selling less than 30,000 copies before being canceled.

I often hear fans saying, "We want new characters from the big two!" but each time Marvel and give us what we ask for, they're swiftly on the edge of cancelation. What message do you think this sends to the publishers? That new characters don't sell. Instead, the message should be that new characters do sell and we want them. Especially if they're good characters like Mosaic, Gwenpool, Moon Girl and Silk. After all, isn't that's one of the best things about comic books? Finding new, fresh characters to follow?

Kid Kaiju is an original character with cool powers who has a lot of potential. We should support him and his monsters to see them reach their full potential.

You can buy Monster Unleashed at your local comic shop, order it at Midtown Comics, or digitally at Comixology. Are you going to buy a copy? Tell me with a comment below. It's only two issues in at the moment.


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