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Tino Jochimsen

Nobody is more excited for the third part of the Riddick trilogy than the main man, himself. The actor regularly posts stills and set photos from the production on his lovely Facebook page, which by the way, is also full to the brim with heartfelt poetry by the "Viesel".

And why shouldn’t he be excited? Riddick is probably the actor’s most iconic role, with the added comfort of not having to bromance .

The movie centers on the intergalactically wanted criminal stranded on a dangerous planet, which is soon descended upon by eager bounty hunters. Nevertheless, there must be downtime for Riddick involved and just because you’re a big, mean, killing machine, doesn’t mean you’re not having deep thoughts.

This new still seems to establish exactly this point, showing our hero thinking about, well… something in the rain.

As many an Asian arthouse flick (yes, we’re looking at you ) has proven: you can’t ponder more photogenically than in a downpour. As long as also does a bit of ass-kicking we’re quite alright with the moody moments.

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