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and might play the complicated and long-separated Stark sisters on , but in real life, they've got one of the purest, holiest lady-friendships the world has ever seen. In their limited years of life (Maisie's 19 and Sophie's 20), they have reached Samantha-and-Carrie, Laverne-and-Shirley, Michelle-and-Busy levels of closeness, and it's a beautiful thing. The adorable pair even have their own 'ship name: (which is perfect because that's the brand name of those iPhone cases with the extra battery built in, so you just know this love ain't never gonna die).

Updated 01/30/2017:

Last night, Williams and Turner were both honored along with the rest of the with a nomination for Best Ensemble Cast in a Drama.

Please enjoy the look of complete, unadulterated joy on Maisie's face when she spots her soul sister, Sophie.

Later in the evening, Sophie sneaks in a bite of dinner while everyone is paying attention to a speech, blissfully unaware that she's on camera. That is, until Maisie points it out to her and the pair erupt into giggles.

Mophie have been melting hearts since 2011, when they were first brought together by the light of the Seven (and the casting directors at HBO).

Check out this scene of them playing Arya and Sansa Stark way back in Season 1:

Maisie and Sophie were spotted by paparazzi/actress/Mophie 'shipper at the Golden Globes. Kendrick spied Turner giving her pal a hand, carrying her long train down the red carpet. Luckily for us, Kendrick was able to get photographic evidence of the "bananas cute" moment:

And of course, both girls looked drop-dead gorgeous in their gowns:

Earlier that weekend, Maisie posted this cozy Insta of her and Sophie, both still sporting their outfits from the BAFTA TV Tea Party, chillin on a couch and wrapped snuggly in each other's arms:

Why stop there? Here are 8 more reasons to worship at the altar of Maisie Williams + Sophie Turner:

1. When They Went As Matching Hash Brownies For Halloween

2. When They Got Matching Tattoos

Both girls have "07.08.09" written on the inside of their arms, which is the date they found out they were cast in Game of Thrones.

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3. They Take A Damn Fine Going-Out Selfie




4. They're Both True-Born Starks...

...Even When The Cameras Stop

5. They Still Hang Out With The Rest Of The Crew

6. They've Been Slaying On The Red Carpet Since They Were 15 And 16, Respectively

7. They're Always Ready To Give The Other A Hand

8. So. Much. Love. <3


How cute are Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams?


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