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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you want more of , then here's some good news: We can expect more extended episodes. The Walking Dead Season 7 set a new precedent for extra-long episodes, and the upcoming S07E06 "Swear" will continue that trend, clocking a cool 70 minutes. Check out the promo for this 70-minute feast of The Walking Dead.

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Some fans have complained that the XXL episodes are a cynical ploy for more advertising time — nobody likes ad-breaks in the zombie apocalypse! — or that the extra length has been all filler no killer. "Service" was hardly the most action-packed 85 minutes of your life, was it?


Are you a fan of the extra-long 'Walking Dead' episodes this season?

So far, we have four confirmed extra-long episodes in The Walking Dead season 7:

  • S07E03, "The Cell": 66 mins
  • S07E04, "Service": 85 mins
  • S07E06, "Swear": 70 mins
  • S07E07, "Sing Me a Song": 90 mins

Let us know your thoughts on the extended TWD episodes in the comments.

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