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A few months ago, I released an article entitled, "That Was Improvised?! 7 Insane Facts About Back To The Future!" I figured that it was time for seven more insane facts, especially because it's been almost two months since I last wrote a Back to the Future article.

1. The Time Machine Was Originally Going To Be A Refrigerator

It was also going to be powered by the Power Converter. However, the writers changed it to a DeLorean because they were afraid that kids would attempt to imitate the film and end up trapping themselves in a refrigerator.

They also thought it would make more sense to make the time machine out of a vehicle, which makes sense because a kid would NEVER get into the car and accelerate to 88 miles per hour.

2. Princess Diana Attended The London Premiere Of 'Back To The Future'

'Diana: The Story of a Princess' [Credit: Brook Lapping Productions]
'Diana: The Story of a Princess' [Credit: Brook Lapping Productions]

Michael J. Fox, who sat next to her at the premiere, shared his experience in the documentary, Back In Time. I watched it and he said that he was told not to take his eyes off her or talk to her. While the film was playing, he realized he was "a fake yawn and an arm stretch away from being on a date with the Princess of Wales."

Then, he needed to go to the bathroom during the movie. He had been told not to take his eyes off her, so he backed away and moonwalked out of the theater.

3. 40th US President Ronald Reagan Was Asked To Make A Cameo Appearance In 'Back To The Future Part III'

By 1989, Robert Zemeckis had known that Reagan was a fan of Back to the Future and that was no longer serving as president. Therefore, he thought it would be a great joke if Reagan showed up as the 1885 Mayor of Hill Valley in the third film. He would appear in one scene where he greets the townspeople and starts the clock.

Zemeckis called Reagan's agent and asked him to send the message over. Reagan considered it briefly, but eventually declined the role.

4. Actor Thomas F. Wilson Gives Out Cards Answering Common 'Back To The Future' Questions

Wilson (who played Biff) is also a stand-up comic and does a song called "Biff's Question Song."

You can also watch the updated version:

5. Elijah Wood Made A Cameo Appearance In 'Back To The Future Part II'

'Back To The Future Part II' [Credit: Universal]
'Back To The Future Part II' [Credit: Universal]

He's the one on the left in the green hat.

6. Ford Wanted Writer Bob Gale To Change The Time-Traveling DeLorean To A Mustang

'Bullitt' [Credit: Warner Bros.-Seven Arts]
'Bullitt' [Credit: Warner Bros.-Seven Arts]

They were going to pay him $75,000 if he did (which equates to somewhere around $170,000 today). However, Gale's response was: "Doc Brown doesn't drive a f**king Mustang!"

He saved the series with that one.

7. Huey Lewis Makes A Cameo Appearance In The First 'Back To The Future'

'Back to the Future' [Credit: Universal]
'Back to the Future' [Credit: Universal]

He's the one who says, "I'm afraid you're just too darn loud."

And that's it! What other Back to the Future trivia or insane facts did you know about?


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