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A new chapter begins this week for the Star Wars franchise. The series made its return to the silver screen last year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens; and while Episode VIII will be making its way to theaters next Christmas, moviegoers will have another adventure from a galaxy far, far away this holiday season with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

begins a set of spin-off films called Star Wars Stories (or Anthology) that tell individual tales within the seasoned franchise. Rogue One is the first, soon to be followed by the story of , which hits theaters in 2018. Just how effective these spin-off films remains to be seen, but they present an interesting opportunity for Star Wars. The Star Wars galaxy is rich with all kind of stories. There are so many tales in this franchise that there is no shortage of what could be made into a film. So, in honor of Rogue One’s release, here are nine tales/concepts in the Star Wars Universe that I believe could make solid entries in this set of spin-off films.

9. 'Shadows Of The Empire'

'Shadows of the Empire' [Credit: LucasArts]
'Shadows of the Empire' [Credit: LucasArts]

In 1996 Lucasfilms created a multimedia story known as Shadows of the Empire. The story took place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and told the story of how Luke Skywalker and company dealt with other threats that weren't the Empire. This story came in several formats such as comics, a novel and a video game. Now that the studio is looking to bring standalone Star Wars films to the silver screen, this could be a great opportunity to add this fan favorite story to the mix.

There would be complications to this film such as the involvement of Luke Skywalker, Leia and . However, I think this issue could be solved by the movie focusing on the character known as Dash Rendar. Dash Rendar was a smuggler character that took place of Han Solo during this time and was the primary protagonist in the Shadows of the Empire video game. Dash’s character would have to be revised a bit so he does not come off as a copy to his iconic counterpart.

Aside from Rendar’s character, a movie of Shadows of the Empire could work by showing how other elements in the galaxy, like the crime syndicate known as the Black Sun, effected the Galactic Civil War. Shadows of the Empire was created because a new film could not be developed at the time. With a new set of Star Wars film on the way, perhaps bringing Shadows of the Empire to the silver screen does not seem that difficult of a feat.

8. Rogue Squadron

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

There are many elements that makes up Star Wars, and among these factors are the massive space battles. The ships and starfighters of Star Wars have played a pivotal part in the series, to the point where I believe that a movie could be based on them. If such a thing were to happen then a good story on this subject would be the tale of Rogue Squadron. Rogue Squadron was the famous team in the Rebel Alliance that was formed during the battle of the Death Star.

At its core, a Rogue Squadron movie would be reminiscent of war films about fighter pilots, and I think that perspective would make for a refreshing tale in the Star Wars series. It would be best if the film would did not follow the famed leader of Rogue Squadron, Luke Skywalker, but it could follow characters such as Wedge Antilles and Derek “Hobbie” Klivian. A Rogue Squadron movie would highlight a familiar element of the Star Wars Universe, and that would only help the movie be more exciting to see.

7. Dark Forces

There were certain stories from the original Star Wars Expanded Universe that have always stuck to me. Shadows of the Empire was one, but another prominent tale was Star Wars: Dark Forces. This first-person shooter video game followed the story of Kyle Katarn, who originally stole the plans to the Death Star before Rogue One was a thing. Since then, the Dark Forces series have been a favorite among fans as the game produced sequels such as Star Wars: Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy.

If the Dark Forces were to be retold on the silver screen, you would hear no complaints from me. Although the story of Kyle Katarn would not be the same due to the new continuity, I would rather have the character play a role in the franchise then not be a part of it at all. A Dark Forces movie could work for the series by combining the smuggler element of Star Wars with that of the Force. Not only that, but the movie could give audiences a different kind of Jedi in Kyle Katarn. Not to mention it could also introduce another fan favorite character to the film series — .

Certain elements from the original Expanded Universe have resurfaces in the new continuity, so perhaps the story of a mercenary turned Jedi could find its way back to the Star Wars galaxy (and become a movie no less).

6. 'Battlefront'

'Battlefront' [Credit: LucasArts]
'Battlefront' [Credit: LucasArts]

Conflict is the bread and butter of the Star Wars galaxy. Throughout the Star Wars saga and everything that goes with it, we have seen major forces going against each other for one reason or another. Despite the Star Wars movies dealing with the concept of good vs. evil, we rarely seen how this idea looks on the front lines. This is why I think a film that focuses on the armies of Star Wars would make for interesting spin-off.

The movie would work like classic war films that feature troops marching into battle, and it could work any part of the Star Wars timeline, whether it be the Galactic Civil War, or another part of the continuum. A movie like this would give another perspective to the intergalactic conflict and could very well be the most gritty film in the Star Wars franchise. If nothing else, a film would show that that wars are fought on all fronts and why the Troopers and Soldiers are just as important as that of Jedi and Sith.

5. Bounty Hunters

'Empire Strikes Back' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Empire Strikes Back' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

While the Empire may not need their scum, that has not stopped Star Wars fans from loving the likes of Zam Wesell, Cad Bane and of course Boba Fett. The presence of bounty hunters has always been a strong one for the Star Wars franchise, so it only makes sense that the this brand of criminals could play a part in the Star Wars Anthology film series. A bounty hunter film could work in various ways. It could focus on iconic characters such as or bring a new hunter to the silver screen. Whatever it may be, a bounty hunter movie would work very well for the spin-off series by highlighting the darker elements of the Star Wars galaxy. Reports do suggest that the third Anthology film will focus on bounty hunters, so perhaps this spin-off is not a matter of if, but when.

4. Darth Bane

Since its inception, Star Wars has always followed the tales of the Jedi and their fight to restore peace in the galaxy. Yet, for every Jedi character there tends to be a Sith Lord. Over the years the Sith have played a major role in Star Wars galaxy whether it be Darth Vader, Darth Maul or even (though, technically, he is not a Sith, but that is beside the point). It has come to the point where a spin-off film that centers on the Sith could easily work. If there were to be Sith spin-off film, then I believe one of the best choices for A Star Wars Story movie would be none other than .

Darth Bane is known by many to be the Sith who created the Rule of Two, which states that there may only be two Sith at time — one to embody the power and one to crave it. If a spin-off film about Darth Bane were to be produced, then it would likely be an abridged version of the novel trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn. Those books gave a good insight on Darth Bane’s character as well as present a different era for the Star Wars galaxy, and I think that those factors would create a great standalone film. A movie about Darth Bane could be bring a new element to the classic villains in the Star Wars franchise and feature a rare dynamic to this spin-off series.

3. The Old Republic

[Credit: LucasArts]
[Credit: LucasArts]

Before the Rebellion and Empire there was the Republic, and before that was the Old Republic. The Old Republic has been a popular concept for Star Wars fans as the video games, comics and novels helped to cement this era for the franchise. The Old Republic’s popularity is so vast that a movie based on this time would not be shocking; in fact, I would welcome it. The Old Republic presents a number of opportunities to bring something new to the Star Wars franchise, whether it follows the story of fan favorite character Darth Revan, or does something completely original. A movie about the Old Republic could show just how extensive the Star Wars franchise can really be. Then again, the Old Republic could be a film trilogy of its very own, which just goes to show how vast this Star Wars era really is.

2. The New Republic

[Credit: Bantam Spectra]
[Credit: Bantam Spectra]

Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I have often pondered about what happens between Episode VI and Episode VII. The new time gap creates several opportunities that Lucasfilm simply cannot ignore. So, could it be possible for one of the spin-off films to be based in the era of the New Republic? I certainly think so. A spin-off movie centered on the New Republic could incorporate a number of elements, such as Luke’s Jedi Order, the Fall of Ben Solo and so much more.

Having a movie about the New Republic could bring new details to the sequel trilogy and help to flesh out certain elements. If a spin-off film about the New Republic is not made then I could see producing a new television series that focuses on Luke, Han and Leia during their time before The Force Awakens. Whatever may happen, I think that this period in the Star Wars timeline is a story that will inevitably be told.

1. The Origins Of The Force

[Credit: LucasArts]
[Credit: LucasArts]

Over the years, moviegoers have seen many things from the Star Wars saga. We have seen Luke Skywalker become the hero of the Rebellion as well as the fall of Anakin Skywalker. However, there have been little to no details on the origins of the Star Wars galaxy’s most prominent element: the Forces. The in-universe books and comics have revealed elements of the galaxy’s history, but this has been a story unseen in visual mediums. This is why I think one of the Star Wars Anthology films should focus on the origin of the Jedi, the Sith and the Force.

Seeing concepts such as the first Jedi would bring an intriguing dynamic to the Star Wars movies. The movie could be more mystical than any film seen in the Star Wars series, or it could be quite subtle in its approach. Seeing the origins of the Jedi could bring a new perspective to the Star Wars movies, as seeing these mysteries unravel could make for a unique experience in this sci-fi franchise.

Gareth Edwards certainly appears to have a firm grasp of all things Star Wars, as he discusses his longtime obsession with the franchise below:

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If there is one thing that the Star Wars franchise has shown us, it is how vast it is. Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo movie prove that the series can go in a number of directions, but I do not believe it should stop there. With all the different stories in the Star Wars galaxy, the upcoming Anthology series has an infinite potential to bring new dynamic directions to this iconic franchise. If Lucasfilm does decides to brings stories likes these to the movies then I think it helps Star Wars' chances to make this franchise more powerful than one can possibly imagine.

What other Star Wars stories would you like to see turned into films?


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