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Mark Newton

I am starting to get fatally excited for Snowpiercer, which is unfortunate, because it's yet to receive an American or British release date.

However, it does appear Japan will soon be able to enjoy 's English language directorial debut. Snowpiercer has just received a new international trailer which shows off some tiny glimpses of new footage. Check out going ax-happy on a train below:

Snowpiercer is currently been held back in North America while there is an ongoing debate regarding how the final movie will be cut. It seems Henry Weinstein wants to remove around 20 minutes of footage dedicated to character development and plot — instead turning the politically aware movie into a generic action flick.

Discussions between Weinstein and Bong are still ongoing, but perhaps financial success in the wider world could persuade Weinstein to release the original cut?

What do you think? Are you excited to see Snowpiercer when it finally releases? Let us know below.

Source: ComicBookMovie (via TwitchFilm)


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