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Pretty Little Liars was always going to have it's fair share of deception and deceit. I mean, it's kind of explained in the title. However, I'm not sure anyone expected Spencer to make her bombshell of a discovery last episode. She finally worked out that her boyfriend Toby had been working with Mona and the "A" Team all along. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and producers Marlene King and Oliver Goldstick explained what we can expect in the coming episodes.

Firstly, Spencer's revelation concerning Toby isn't the only big secret which will be revealed this season. Bellisario explains:

There's a lot to be revealed. The Toby character is so cool because Toby is — if you go back to the very beginning of when we introduced Toby — he is a dangerous outcast. He is violent. He’s been in juvenile correctional unit. He’s not really trustworthy.

Spencer in particular looks like she's in for a rough ride. Bellisario continues:

There is so much pain. There was a moment when she hits rock bottom — which I won't really go into because it's really, really fun in the back of this season — Spencer is so tightly wound, so to watch her completely break and spin out of control is something that I think the viewers have never seen before. It has always been threatened, but we got to play it out to its fullest this season.

Spencer's breakdown looks like it will also have a big effect on the rest of the 'Pretty Little Liars'. Bellisario explains:

The cool thing about how it ripples out to the rest of the episodes is that, when Spencer loses it, the rest of the PLLs kind of become chickens with their heads cut off. They suddenly don’t have the person who’s directing them. They just have this person who was lost everything — it's a whole new dynamic.

So is this the end for Spencer and Toby, or as some people insist on calling them, 'Spoby'? Well, things aren't looking great, but it might not be the end. Goldstick coyly reveals:

They're certainly challenged. They're not back together yet, but they’re certainly challenged. They’re deeply challenged by this.

King adds:

Spencer is left thinking Toby is bad. I read a fan poll after the last finale — about whether Toby was really bad — and 80 percent of the fans thought he wasn’t bad! So I think after this episode, that percentage is going to shift. He leaves her high and dry.

How do you think it will turn out? Do you want to see Spencer and Toby back together? Let us know below.

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