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Now, there are a whole lot of entirely legitimate ways in which to celebrate International Women's Day, from striking as part of yesterday's "Day Without a Woman" protest, to wearing red and supporting woman-owned businesses, or even just going about your regular day with a greater awareness of the ways in which gender inequality impacts all of our lives.

Unless, of course, you're , star of 's megahit , in which case International Women's Day was always likely to require a very particular form of celebration, for reasons that will be expanded upon below. And so:

Morena Baccarin Used International Women's Day To Troll Ryan Reynolds

Which, of course, makes a whole lot of sense — and was arguably required of her by the overriding cultural consensuses that be. After all, one of the most memorable — if controversial — gags in last year's Deadpool was the film's seasonal sex montage, which just so happened to feature the above scene, of Baccarin's character Vanessa becoming intimate with 's bottom.

And so, Baccarin — as was surely inevitable — used the arrival of International Women's Day as an opening within which to forcefully troll the internet's goofy kid brother, Ryan Reynolds. In that above Instagram post.

That is all.

What do you think, though? Would you have preferred a different response to International Women's Day from the Deadpool cast? Let us know below!


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