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If one of your biggest fears involves rats swimming into your house via the toilet, you might want to close this tab right now because that's exactly the type of thing that Morgan Spurlock's new documentary, Rats, covers.

The documentarian, who was made famous by his 2004 film Super Size Me, has debuted his latest offering at Toronto International Film Festival and now the general public can get a hint of the terror the documentary will elicit with this nightmare-inducing trailer:

Rats is inspired by Robert Sullivan's 2005 New York Times bestselling book, Rats: Observations on the History & Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants, and will take viewers on a trip worldwide to confront rats and our complicated relationship with them.

Nightmare fuel
Nightmare fuel

The film has been described as a "modern-day horror film," and almost transcends the documentary genre with its horror-esque storytelling approach.

The film will air on the Discovery Channel on October 22, but prior to that will be shown at a midnight screening in 10 markets nationwide thanks to a team up between Landmark Theaters and Submarine Deluxe. Speaking about the opportunity to view the documentary on the big screen, Spurlock said:

"I am so proud of this genre-bending movie and am very excited that people will get to experience all its horror doc theatrical glory in Landmark Cinemas. Seeing this on the big screen will give you even bigger nightmares."

Consider yourself warned!

Will you be watching Rats?

Rats feature in Spurlock's new documentary
Rats feature in Spurlock's new documentary

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