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Matt Carter

"A film so disturbing even the country that gave the world Wolf Creek and Kylie Minogue banned it from their cinema screens." This could well be the tagline for horror movie Morgue Street, which recently had the honor of being banned by the Australian Classification Board for the annual A Night Of Horror Film Festival in Sydney.

According to, the ACB rejected Morgue Street due to, "its material that is considered to offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults." Is it me, or does this statement make you want to see the movie even more now? After all, called it "harsh and sexy".

I find the whole notion of banning movies utterly ridiculous. As long as it's not breaking any laws, slap an NC-17 rating on it and let adults choose whether they want to watch it or not. Plus, we live in an age of piracy (copying movies, not looting on the seven seas), so how effective is banning a movie anyway?

Morgue Street centers around two prostitutes, who are also mother and daughter, and their brutal encounter with a mysterious creature that has broken into their house. It's in good company on the Australian banned movies list, joining the likes of the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Human Centipede 2. Here's the trailer for those of you that love a bit of controversy:

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